Udaipur to Ranakpur Taxi Service

Udaipur is home to the most beautiful forts and water lakes and also picturesque mountains. Ranakpur is one place that is located between the Pali mountains and is a must visit place for tourists in Udaipur. Reaching Ranakpur is easy as there are plenty of taxi service in Ranakpur. Taxi in Udaipur is a popular name when it comes to Udaipur to Ranakpur taxi service as we are very much experienced in the hospitality industry.

What makes Ranakpur so famous in Udaipur is the presence of the Chaumukha temple. Dedicated to Adinath, the temple is four faced. It is also one of the holiest places in the Jain community because the Jain temple that was built here dates back to the fifteenth century. The domes and pillars are still intact and this makes the temple so much more attractive because people come to see the architectural advancement that existed during that time.

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