Udaipur to Haldighati Taxi Service

Udaipur is a city with many faces. The temples, forts, hills, deserts and water lakes make this city a must visit place in India. Haldighati extends as a thrilling tourist attraction that flares the merciless battlefield. Haldi Ghati captures major attention because the terra firma made the battlefield to the legend, Maharana Rana Pratap and his loyal horse, Chetak. The place gives a nostalgic feeling as this was the same place where Chetak, the heroic mount of Rana Pratap, breathed his last after leaving his master to a safe place. Taxi services in Haldighati are the best way to reach this magnificent ghati.

At Taxi Service in Udaipur, we look to provide the most comfortable ride to our customers. Finding Udaipur to Haldighati taxi service is quite easy as we have our own app from where you can book the nearest taxi.

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