Top 5 Tourist Places in Udaipur
June 16, 2018
Rajasthan Top Tourist places to visit in summer
July 3, 2018

The warmest season of the year is about to end, and the season of rainbow and the evolution of new life is already began in Nature. Who said monsoon meant being locked up in house and watching the rainfall from the window while having sipping tea or coffee? Come to visit at the Udaipurthe city of Lakes and hills in Rainy Months and your way of thinking about travel in monsoon will change forever.

During the monsoon in Rajasthanthe city of Lakes – Udaipur is the most popular city to enjoy the rainy season with number of lakes, hills, forts and greenery around it. After visiting the Udaipur you will not believe that this beautiful part of nature exists in middle of Desert Land of India.

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Here are top 5 Places to visit in this Monsoon Season:

  1. Udai Sagar Lake:

Udai Sagar Lake is built on Berach river, which is 13 kms from the Udaipur city. Udai Sagar Lake is surrounded by Aravali hill ranges. It is one of thr five lakes in Udaipur city. Other lakes are Fateh Sagar Lake, Pichola Lake, Jaisamand Lake and Rajsamand Lake. The length of this beautiful lake is  4 km and width is 2.5 km. This lake is 9 meters deep. Construction of the Lake Startedin 1559 and was completed by 1565. The Lake is a result of a dam, which is built across Berach River. Udai Sagar Lake has plenty of water. One can reach this beautiful lake in Udaipur City, travelling by bus, Taxi in Udaipur or rickshaw from the Udaipur City.

2. Chandni Village:

  1. In this monsoon chandni village is the best place to visit us with our friends and family. Peace place to enjoy. One can enjoy stepping into the water stream and splashing water at each other, be careful with that as well, as the stones under the water stream are slimy and there might be some glass pieces that might cause inconvenience. Therefore, wear your slip-ons as you enter the stream and don’t go too deep. Chandni village is a perfect picnic package that takes into the nature’s beauty, with a water stream flowing on a mild speed and ample of seating area.

3. Sajjan Garh:

The Monsoon Palace is 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) west of Udaipur and overlooks Lake Pichola. The palace can be accessed by a winding road through the surrounding Sajjan Singh Sanctuary by taking Car Rental in Udaipur or taxi. The palace and the Sajjan Singh Sanctuary are major attractions and are open to visitors until sunset. A boat ride across Lake Pichola in Udaipur provides excellent views of the palace and allows visitors to enjoy the scenic beauty of the palace. Udaipur is well connected by road and air links to all parts of the country.

4. Bagheri ka naka:

Nearly 50 kms away from Udaipur there is yet another beautiful picnic spot named after the village Bagheri. Bagheri ka Naka or Bagheri Dam has become one of the favorite places for people to visit during monsoon. This place is flooded with people during weekends, which is quite obvious because of its striking beauty. Perfect place for a small getaway with friends or family.

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