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February 12, 2018
Affordable cab booking Udaipur to Ranakpur
May 29, 2018

With plethora of options available in this internet driven age, booking a taxi can be a little more tricky and tiresome these days especially when you are doing it for the first time.

  1. Safety: in the light of recent incidents where there have been assaults on passengers by the driver it has become extremely important to go for a reputed firm like My Udaipur Taxi providing Taxi services in Udaipur. Such reputed forms go through intense screening procedures and appoint only authorized drivers with legal driving license. Through My Udaipur Taxi you can book Cabs in Udaipur online and be sure about your safety. The company would provide you with complete details about driver and GPS facility to send your real time details to your loved ones.
  2. Competent Pricing: it is quintessential to compare prices before booking a taxi as there are times when some companies might be indulging in surge pricing while few others would be offering discounts for the same ride. You can view ratings, read customer reviews or ask online for recommendations. This is why we recommend My Udaipur Taxi to book a Taxi in Udaipur. My Udaipur Taxi doesn’t make use of surge pricing methodology and offers quality service at affordable rate.
  3. Online booking system: look for companies that have dedicated apps or website to book a ride online at anytime of the day. All the offers and packages should be clearly listed on the app or webpage so that the customer can book according to his requirements. My Udaipur Taxi fulfills this demand too successfully. They have a dedicated website through which you can book a ride online or call them to book one. They have different Udaipur Sightseeing Tour Packages listed clearly on the website.
  4. Fleet: there must be various vehicles in the fleet to offer a ride as per need. For example for tricky rough terrain it is wise to go for a Sport utility vehicle while for a long ride one may prefer a sedan. My Udaipur Taxi has an extensive fleet of vehicles to choose from. For sightseeing we have dedicated fleet like convertible and sun roof top cars that allows you to get lost in the scenic beauty of Udaipur. All our cars are clean, comfortable and equipped with a GPS system to keep track of the vehicle.

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